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Life Changing Child Surgeries​

Most of the children that we accept for surgery either have a cleft lip and/or cleft palate. In the Philippines, one child is born every 3 minutes with this debilitating birth defect!

In the Western world a cleft lip is easily operated on, but in developing countries like the Philippines, a lot of families can simply not afford this. 

A cleft lip or cleft palate has a profound affect on a child’s life. They cannot drink or eat properly which leads to illness and malnutrition, and in some cases death. They cannot go to school as they are ridiculed, so they lead a life of shame and rejection.
A cleft lip and cleft palate can be surgically corrected for just $250, but this is still out of reach for most Filipino families.
Ruel was the first child to receive a life changing surgery from a sponsored surgery, and it was through him that the Ruel Foundation was born! 
before and after image of surgery

What's Involved in a Child's Surgery?

  • First we go into different regions and ask permission from local government and social agencies to conduct the surgeries. 
  • We then action an advertising campaign to inform families of our upcoming surgical outreach.
  • Each procedure involves meeting the patients and their support person three times. First for a pre-operation checkup, then the actual operation, followed by post-operation checkup and suture removal. 
With your donation, we are able to work with our partner Smile Train to provide these operations at no cost whatsoever to the patient. 

How You Can Help

Sponsor a Surgery

A cleft lip and cleft palate can create lifelong suffering for a child but for a donation of $250 you can sponsor a surgery and change a child’s life – No longer sick and ridiculed but able to lead a normal life!

cleft palate and cleft lip before and after pictures
cleft palate and cleft lip before and after pictures