Ruel Foundation Children's Homes

Providing a Caring Home for Children in Crisis​​


The Ruel Foundation Children’s Homes were created to provide a safe and loving environment for children in crisis. At each home we are able to provide education, psychological help, medical intervention (especially in the case of severe malnutrition) and spiritual guidance. 

Children who are accepted into our children’s homes have either been abandoned, orphaned, neglected or abused.

In some situations we are able to reunite children with their family after they receive the help that they need. 

When this is not possible we provide a home for them at one of our Children’s Homes where we will begin the process of finding them a “forever family” either locally or internationally.

Our Children's Homes

Ruel Foundation has three children’s homes in the Philippines:

Calapan Children's Home is our main base, established in 2006. This home cares for 45-50 children and includes a home for malnourished children.

Sorsogon Children's Home is also known as the 'Heart of Texas Children's Home' after a Texas group who generously sponsored the home. It can currently accept 25-30 children with potential for expansion.

Romblon Children's Home is located on a remote island with a history of incest and rape. In this home we can care for up to 20 children. Children are then moved to our Calapan house to be given the opportunity to be adopted into a "forever home". 

Sorsogon Children's Home
Heart of Texas (Sorsogon) Home
Romblon children's Home
Romblon Children's Home
Calapan children's Home
Calapan Children's Home

How You Can Help

The operating costs for running our Children’s Homes is significant. General maintenance, education, staff wages, administration, food, clothing and medical supplies are just some of the expenses we incur every month.

The way in which we cover these cost is through Child Sponsorship.

We’re only able to keep our homes operating thanks to the generosity of our donors. By sponsoring a child you’re investing in a child’s future and enabling us to keep our doors open.

child sponsorship pays for children's education

Volunteer Opportunities

Another way you can help is by volunteering! As you can imagine, there is always something that needs to be done. From maintenance jobs and painting, to teaching and childcare - there is something you can do!

For more information on short and long term volunteer opportunities, take a look at our Volunteers page and fill out an expression of interest. 


A Forever Home for Nathan

mcCrystal family adopting Nathan

As a family we travelled to Ruel from Australia with our two girls, to welcome our son into our family.

We are so grateful for the experience we had at Ruel and the warm welcome we received. It is evident that the children are loved and cared for by a team of dedicated staff in a clean and caring environment.

Being able to stay at Ruel as a family and participating in everyday life was highly valuable to us all as it gave us a greater understanding of our sons upbringing.

Nathan was well prepared for our arrival and Ruel facilitates the transition very intentionally with great care and sensitivity.

We are very thankful for the Ruel family and we are in awe of what God is orchestrating through them. 

McCrystal Family