Romblon new house

Give A Smile Romblon has Moved!

December 20, 2021 Pauline Curtis-Smith Comments Off

We have decided to move our children’s home in Romblon to be more accessible for the families that need it most.

We have had two years in a beautiful peaceful location 30 minutes out of the city. While this has been a wonderful location for safety and healing, we are finding that we are inaccessible for the children that need us most. The isolation means that people can not access our services as they do not have the funds for the transport to our place.

We have found the most wonderful place! Just a few kilometres from the city but semi-rural.

This will mean desperate families can easily find us, more vulnerable children will be helped, we will have internet and closer access to schools, doctors etc. The kids love it as it is right on the beach!

There are two houses, one brand new! The “tree house” is for visitors and volunteers so come and volunteer at this beautiful location on one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines!