cleft lip surgery before and after

Surgery Stories

  • Name: Prince
  • Location: Calapan

Prince’s Story

Meet Prince, a 9-month-old boy from Tibag, Calapan City in Oriental Mindoro. He was born with a cleft lip which made it difficult for him to eat or drink. His parents are both 19 years old, and they’ve been doing their best to provide for him since he was born.

His father works as a construction worker, earning $8 to $10 per day while his mother sells fish to help bring in more income for the family.

Prince’s mother says, “I am so very thankful to Ruel for the life changing opportunity of the cleft lip operation for Prince. We have been so worried and sad as we knew that we could never afford to do pay for an operation ourselves. This means that he can now eat and drink like any normal kid of his age and that he will not be ridiculed at school.”