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Surgery Stories

  • Name: Ian
  • Location: Calapan Children's Home

Ian’s Ability to be an Active Child Again

Ian was born with two club feet and a dislocated hip. He is the youngest in a family of three. Ian’s mother is a housekeeper and his father a fisherman, both without the family support and financial resources to cope with Ian’s deformities.

Ruel Foundation was able to provide a series of medical procedures to restore Ian’s ability to walk.

Due to the nature of Ian’s condition, he needed to wear a cast during his recovery time which immobilized him, and frustrated him no end! It was a difficult time for Ian as he watched other children running and playing in the yard, but the love and attention of our caregivers make it much easier for him.

At 3 years old he loved listing to music and singing. His favorite song was “Let It Go” – much to the dismay of his caregivers! Ian loved interacting with the children and adults around him, playing games and talking!

He is now 12 years old and living with his family; able to run around and enjoy life the way a 12 year old boy should.