The Ruel Foundation welcomes short and long term volunteers from around the globe.

There are many opportunities available in where to serve; we aim to use the unique gifts and abilities of each person. From childcare, building maintenance, music and teaching, there are so many things you can be involved in that will help make a difference. 

Volunteering at Ruel Foundation

We have volunteer opportunities at each of our three bases. Volunteers need to be a 18yrs old unless accompanied by a parent.

Because we are a charitable organisation there is a cost to volunteering, depending on your length of stay and home you are volunteering at.

Short term trips start at a minimum of one week, right up to long term stays of months or years. We accept both individuals and teams. You will either be accommodated onsite or offsite depending on the Children’s Home you are volunteering at. 

After your initial application, our full information pack will be emailed to you to answer any questions you may have.

By reaching out to others, often people come away changed themselves. 

young volunteers at ruel
volunteer caring for a baby
chilrden's homes ruel foundation
volunteer helping villagers with a care parcel
5 volunteers at ruel
volunteer caring for a baby

Ruel Experiences

Volunteering at Ruel

volunteer fixing bike for kids

My initial intention was to go help others; in the end, I believe I am the one who was helped the most. I have become a new person. I see the world through a new set of eyes and feel with a different part of my heart.

I have already begun to plan for my return trip to Ruel in a couple of years. It’s an amazing journey and truly transformative. We are all called to be the hands and feet of the Lord. If you feel that this is your calling, you will find a place at Ruel.”

Daniel Molina