mcCrystal family adopting Nathan

McCrystal Family

As a family we travelled with our 2 girls to Ruel to meet and welcome our son into our family. We are so grateful for the experience we had at Ruel and the warm welcome we received. It is evident that the children are loved and cared for by a team of dedicated staff in a clean and caring environment. It was such a blessing to see that God is a part of everyday life at Ruel. This is evident through the love and care provided to the children, prayer time, devotions and worship. Being able to stay at Ruel as a family and participating in everyday life was highly valuable to us all as it gave us a greater understanding of our sons upbringing. Nathan was well prepared for our arrival and Ruel facilitates the transition very intentionally with great care and sensitivity. We are very thankful for the Ruel family and we are in awe of what God is orchestrating through them.