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Meet Prince, a 9-month-old boy from Tibag, Calapan City in Oriental Mindoro. He was born with a cleft lip which made it difficult for him to eat or drink. His parents are both

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Miss L's parents were thrilled at the news that they were expecting a baby girl. However, they knew that life would not be easy for their new baby. Living high in the mountain

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Ian was born with two club feet and a dislocated hip. He is the youngest in a family of three. Ian's mother is a housekeeper and his father a fisherman, both without the

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Miss I didn't stand a chance from birth. Number 10 in a family of eleven children, there was never enough food to go around. The only food Miss I got was rice water

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On rare occasions we come across unique surgical cases like Miss M's. Miss M's village was about as poor as you can get. Her father was a fisherman until the fish ran out!

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Ruel lived in an isolated village on the isolated island of Eastern Samar in the Philippines. Born with a double cleft lip and pallet he had problems swallowing food - assuming that there