Relief for Poverty-Stricken Tribal Areas

Community Outreach

poverty stricken tribal areas need desperate emergency relief and food parcels
our community outreach provides emergency relief to poverty stricken areas like this

Mangyan Feeding Outreach

In 2005 we saw a dire need within the Mangyan community and felt compelled to help.

The Mangyan tribal people are incredibly poor, earning as little as $8 a day. With an average of four children per family, many children are severely malnourished because their families are unable to feed them. 

With a donation of $1,500 we can provide food parcels for 100 families, providing them with nutritional food for five days.

Whenever we do an outreach, we look for children who would benefit greatly by coming to the Ruel Malnourished Center in Calapan. Here they go through our re-feeding program recommended by WHO. After six months they return to their families happy and very healthy. They also go home with vitamins, milk powder, a blanket, clothing and a toy.

We currently aim to do 5 community outreach programmes a year. The more regular donations we receive the more often we can reach this desperate tribe of people.

To make a real difference to people who need our help, please consider donating today.